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Name of Sweets Overseas
Pistachios Bourma $28.50/kg kgs
Pine Nuts Bourma $30.00/kg kgs
Pine Nuts Basma $27.00/kg kgs
Pistachios Naboulseah $27.00/kg kgs
Pistachios Baloreah $27.00/kg kgs
Asabea, Kol Wishkor and Baklawa $28.00/kg kgs
Assorted Baklawa $27.00/kg kgs
Wall Nuts Hadaff $26.50/kg kgs
Pistachios Maamoul Med $24.50/kg kgs
Wall Nuts Maamoul Med $24.50/kg kgs
Dates Maamoul Med $24.50/kg kgs
Sanyoura $26.00/kg kgs
Sanyoura Bits $24.50/kg kgs
Pistachios Sanyoura $26.00/kg kgs
Assorted Dates Maamoul $24.50/kg kgs
Assorted Pistachios Maamoul $24.50/kg kgs
Assorted Wall Nuts Maamoul $24.50/kg kgs
Assorted Maamoul $24.50/kg kgs
Barazek $24.50/kg kgs
Sfouf $21.50/kg kgs
Namourah $21.50/kg kgs
Mshabak & Maakaroun $22.50/kg kgs
Jazareah $23.00/kg kgs
Orange Blossom Water $26.00/bot kgs
Rose Water $24.50/bot kgs
Pome Grenades Molasses $30.00/bot kgs
Mariameah $21.00/bot kgs
Total Cost: $

Orders will be shipped by DHL
Shipping takes 3 working days in maximum to any part of the world

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